Field Aviation

Canadian Operations

Field Aviation designs, modifies and certifies aircraft for specialized roles across the globe. Our expertise is the missionization of commercial platforms for search and rescue, intelligence, surveillance and interdiction roles for both government and civilian customers.

We also develop system specific STCs for many different aircraft. Our capabilities include build-to-print parts manufacturing for aircraft OEMs and our own modifications. We are also a factory authorized repair, overhaul and sales center for many avionics equipment manufacturers.

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Field Aerospace

U.S. Operations

Field Aerospace has more than 25 years of experience developing and delivering systems engineering and systems integration solutions to the U.S. government and aerospace and defense industry.

Through Field Aviation, we also provide engineering expertise spanning aircraft operations and avionics, test planning and execution, test instrumentation design and configuration, electrical and system design, as well as structural design and modification.

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Our structural, avionic, and system engineers are a part of the process at every stage – specifying, designing, assembling, testing, and certification...working meticulously from the initial preparation right through to the delivery of the aircraft.

Digital Engineering Services 

Our industry-proven, agile approach to modernizing and sustaining aircraft, using the latest digital methods, is essential to the future of both military and commercial aviation. Key focus areas include: 

  • Reverse Engineering: converting legacy product definition into 3D technical data packages for reduced sustainment costs, cycle times, and impact due to obsolescence.  
  • Digital Thread: establishing a link between the most valuable datasets and the outcomes that matter most using modern Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) methods and tools. 
  • Digital Twin: creating and leveraging digital models of physical designs to reduce acquisition product development cycle times and enable conditioned-based maintenance outcomes.  


Our engineering team designs all levels of military and commercial aircraft modifications using state-of-the-art Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools and techniques.  Key focus areas include: 

  • Prototype Designs: creating virtual and physical prototypes to ensure delivery of the best solutions in the shortest time. 
  • System Integrations: orchestrating multi-system integrations aimed at delivering new and/or extended life capabilities. 
  • Configuration Changes: modifying aircraft to the latest customer standards. 
  • Publications: producing both technical and maintenance publications to support modified designs. 

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Our engineering analysis capabilities ensure that all systems components operate smoothly and perform as they should. Areas of analysis include:

  • Classic Structural Stress Analysis
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Damage Tolerance
  • Aerodynamic Load Analysis
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling
  • Failure Modes and Effect Analysis
  • Electrical Load, EMI / EMC (electromagnetic), and Antenna Conflict Analysis.

Ground and Flight Testing

Field Aerospace can conduct ground and flight tests on many types of aircraft - large or small, piston, turboprop, or jet-powered. Our capabilities span a wide range, including testing:

  • Aerodynamics
  • Avionics
  • Rf Hazard
  • Antenna Performance
  • Airframe Performance
  • Radar and Electro-Optical Sensor Performance
  • Interior Configuration Evaluations and Compliance


With our high level of delegated authority, as a Transport Canada Design Approval Organization (DAO) and FAA-approved Organization Designation Authorization (ODA), we are able to deal with most certification issues in-house and can obtain TCCA, FAA, or EASA certification for your projects- specifically in structures, damage tolerance, flight test, avionics, and electrical systems.

Our excellent relationship and established history in working with Transport Canada, the FAA, and EASA results in efficient communications, cooperation, and project coordination with these groups. We ensure the applicable airworthiness authorities are informed and involved in our programs wherever necessary to help ensure the most efficient certification process achievable.